APEX outage on 2022-07-12

Due to technical difficulties the game is currently down. We will use this thread to continue to update you on progress until the game is back up and running. Thank you for your patience and we hope to have a solution as soon as possible.


Servers are back up for now. We are allowing connections at the moment to see if anything breaks. Expect more disconnects and reboots in the next time.


From what I can see so far, we might have lost a bit of progress due to the events leading to the downtime. If you are missing a contract, shipment, inventory or the like, check if the goods might be in their original inventory for example.


Unfortunately we lost some of the data from last night. In most cases that is not bad at all, for example just ships still on the ground instead of flying or inventory still not transferred. In some cases errors did and will happen. If you encounter errors please let us know, either in Discord or in this forum topic.

We will try to fix these issues as soon as possible!


While we are recovering from the incident we felt that a kind of post mortem post is in order to explain what happened: An Unnecessary Downtime | Prosperous Universe


I am surprised it wasn’t mentioned another lesson learned: seems once weekly backup may be too infrequent? :grin:

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