APEX outage on 2022-03-14

After pressing “Play” the loading spinner does not continue to load. Enabling the Debug in devtools [chrome] I can see events dispatching / responses for “PRESENCE_LIST” but nothing else after authentication. I have tried clearing my cookies, logging out and back in, incognito mode [chrome tab], nothing seems to work. This happened yesterday as well but I was able to log back in this morning but not again this afternoon.

Cant get into the game…


Ok it’s not just me then same here, also have not had an email notification in hours and hours.


Same here; can’t get into the game since yesterday


We are experiencing some trouble with the database and are currently investigating the issue.

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Servers are back up!

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Nope. Still having issues

Hi guys, my contract 7SXG0CM is showing “Hydration Timeout [930b98bec481987f22d76edce0b7196e]” as the partner. refreshing the page does not help.
The shipment #3B6F0 is now stuck in my warehouse on Moria, because when i clicked “fulfill” it is just stuck as “in Progress”

Any idea what I can do about this?

As some of you already noted we still have an issue due to the outage today. There is at least one company that can’t be loaded. Interacting with that company, through LM contracts for example, is not possible. The company also causes a high load on one node, which leads to decreased overall performance. We’ll try to fix it as fast as possible!

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Yeah, I guessed as much. Good luck on the bug hunt!

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Servers appear stable now. Let us know if something doesn’t work as expected!