APEX outage 2022-04-29

Hey, having issues trying to log in. Any way to fix this? Happens frequently.


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I am having the same issue unable to connect. Is the server down.

I’m having this issue as well

I am having the same issue

same. haven’t been able to connect to apex in hours

I’m here from a youtube sponsor spot - maybe all the new users from that video are stressing the server.
Video I’m referring to


I am also unable to connect. Is there a place on the website that shows server status? It is unfortunate as I am also here from a youtube sponsor thing and I would really like to try it out

But, talk about bad luck for Simulogics they sponsor a youtube video and get a bunch of new players, only to have an unscheduled outage.

sabotage is afoot!!!

I like that channel! His video did decent too.

Can we get ANY updates on this situation?

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On discord they are saying the developers, who live in Germany, are probably still asleep. We’ll have to wait till someone wakes up. Hopefully just a few more hours.

Same! Can’t log in. March 13th - 14th was last time this happened

Huh, shoulda checked my e-mail first. This is scheduled maintenance. Bad timing, this is usually when I log in daily, then check my e-mail after.

More warning would be appreciated, I try to limit checking e-mail to once a day

Maintenance was finished 19 hours ago according to the announcement [Scheduled Maintenance 2022-04-28].

Server is back up. I just logged in.

Sorry about the outage last night, we are investigating the incident right now.


Looks like it has gone down again

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Is it down again? I can’t seem to connect on multiple devices.