An Influx of Players - Development Log #297

A whirlwind of new players has just entered APEX, Fabian is on a quest, and Nick wants your own devblog entries.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

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The quest idea is interesting, and I think it will be fun and a great addition. However, I do share concerns that it might take away from the core of the game where everything is run by the players. It would also require a fair bit of dev time to implement as well.

I wonder if the current POPI system couldn’t be used for such a system. Currently the game already tracks the workforce employed and unemployment. If the workforce were separated into “demand” for various categories of products which could be supplied by buildings which produce money.

One example would be a Luxury Food/Drink demand category which would be generated by the employed workforce on the planet, which could be filled by a building like a grocery store or a restaurant. These recipes would require a lot of different components since it would be a “luxury”, and would use up “Luxury Food” demand like the workforce currently employees pops.

A possible side effect of filling the luxury food demand is that it would reduce the “RAT/DW” consumption by the % of demand filled, allowing players on that planet to not worry about feeding their workers on a well developed planet that fills these workforce demands.

This could be extended to things such as “comfort demand”, electricity, education etc… The demand system could use the "Life-support/Safety/Comfort/etc demand model as well.