AirlineSim Christmas Meet-Up 2017

Hey everyone,

as you might know, I’ve been running another game for 15+ years now, called AirlineSim. And as tradition has it, we usually have a meet-up shortly before Christmas. It’s typically a family-friendly affair with Glühwein and relaxed chats. It’s officially an AirlineSim event, but over the years, it’s become more and more generic in practice.

Hence I think it’s just as good an opportunity to meet PU community members as it is to meet AS ones. So if you want to meet, drink some mulled wine and end the night in the world’s oldest brewery, feel free to join! This year it takes place at Munich airport, but don’t let that discourage you :slight_smile:

Sign-up is possible in three ways:

  1. On the Facebook Event page:
  2. Via email to
  3. Through the AirlineSim forums here: Thread also has all the info in English and if you have an account here, you have one there as well.

Please let us know in case you plan to join so we can make appropriate reservations.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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It would be nice that you get the information that the account for arilinesim is als useable in this forum at the registration screen :smiley: Unfortunately I live at the other side of germany. Now I have realy high hopes that this game gets as good as AilineSim, although I relized in the test time that the setting of AirlineSim isn`t something for me.

Before I make another reply only to ask whether I can get at the Alpha/Beta list I ask it here:
Can I get at the Alpha/Beta list? :smile:

@noel006, I added you to the list, you’ll get notified once we start a new alpha test!