AFK Protection

I’m new, and have been logging frequently. However, I expect to spend less time in the future, and interruptions are always possible. So, I’d like to have some features that allow me to work around not logging in.

One simple setting is to designate any contract as “auto-fulfill.” I know there has been a step in that direction, but it should apply to all contracts. If checked, if I could click “fulfill”, it is done for me automatically. (There also could be an option to auto-extend the contract.)

  • I may need to deliver some items to a contract that are currently under production. Once the production order is finished, they would be delivered.
  • If my ship carrying a delivery arrives at the delivery point, it automatically attempts to fulfil (space could be full).

A related feature would be a button for “unload all” for a ship docked at a base. (If space is an issue, it executes in alphabetical order until base inventory space is maxed.) When planning a flight, can then have “unload all on arrival.” This way, I can queue orders that are conditioned on the inputs arriving from a ship.