Additional starting locations

Hello! This is a out-of-order release due to time critical circumstances.

As many of you noticed we had quite the new player influx in the last days. We do expect more new players to arrive soon and at the same time we see that many planets fill up and not plots are available.

In the last universe we doubled the amount of plots of a few key planets to mitigate the problem. This time we want to try something new and will add more planets to the list of starting locations.

These are the new starting locations:

  • Boucher
  • Nemesis
  • Verdant
  • Harmonia
  • OT-442b
  • Etherwind

Clearly someone forgot about Pyrgos, the heaven in the non-faction space :wink:


And Ementior, the Montem of non faction space :slight_smile:


I think the issue with adding some other great planets (like my home, Pyrgos) was that 1 way from Moria is more than half a FF tank holds, thus easy to get stranded for a new player. (Though starting at Benten is less than half the tank.)

But if upgrading starting ships rather than just building a new one was added - oh boy would that help.

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Verdant is the heaven of the non-faction space!! Especially if you enjoy huge bugs!