Add Icons to items with PrUnIcon

PrUnIcon v0.5 released. Screenshots: PrUnIcon v0.5 - Album on Imgur Download: PrUnIcon v0.5 -


I love how the icon for PSL is basically toilet roll…

Really nice stuff o:
I noticed that the icons end up bigger on the planet view however (in the pics below).

I made a modification since I prefer the old coloring scheme (inventory screenshots from others with the original color scheme might otherwise be confusing for me), linked below in case anyone wants to use it.
This one implements the icons only. Also edited the sizing so that the icon below the letters and the font-size is left undefined so that the size of the icon matches the size of the text lettering; that way the icon won’t be bigger than the box in most situations.

I also changed Kombucha to be tea instead of the honey picture since kombucha is closer to tea for me :V

Link for Icon-only ver (no color scheme change):


I added more ship building icons, size differences (PSL, PSM, PSS etc) and some color/layout changes. Still with big icons though and broken planet view:

I like the first graphic most. The images somewhat lowers the quality of the serious aesthetic this game exudes, in my opinion. Having such cartoony-like icons does give it a lot more character but also a different vibe, as well. It kind of reminds me of the style of Little Alchemy but far more refined. I wouldn’t be against having these though so long as it still matched the vibe of PrUn. The first example fits best.

New version v0.7 PrUnIcon v0.7 -

Ore Colors:

  • other improvements
  • fixes (no more giant icons in planet view, no more building icons)

New version v0.85 PrUnIcon -

Chemical colors:

Compact Inventory Header


updated for new version: PrUnIcon -