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Hello everyone, first of all I want to say to the devs that I love your game, it is marvelous and all though a mere shadow at the moment of what it could be I still love it all the same. My question is how do you plan to balance the market? As the player base is small right now I feel it needs a lot more stepping stones to guide players and help with atleast a positive turnover in buying, producing, and selling. I as a person feel as though there isn’t a barrier to assist with companies failing from day 1. I run a construction company, currently on Montriem(Don’t remember if thats its exact name lol) and I have not had a single day where I have made profit yet(other than using/selling some of the starter items). The material I need the most of is Iron, however even trying to buy Iron is a death sentence as once I’ve gotten it and have turned it into its proper construction prefab, it either sells for less or has so little turnover that the upkeep for the workers puts me into the negative for the day. Could the prices of the market maker faction be raised a bit? Could more be implanted for the current time to help people get a better feel for the game?

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Hey! First of all, thank you for your kind words. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for your questions, if I understand correctly you’re asking two different things: 1. Will the game be rebalanced and 2. will it become more easily accessible and less punishing for new players? The answer to both questions is yes! To help new players avoid fatal mistakes, we’ll be adding things like warnings and multiple confirmations when they’re trying to do something unusual (and possibly stupid). In-game tool tips will also be implemented to at least mitigate the need for external learning resources. Mechanics for nudging new players’ businesses in the right direction are also being discussed.

However, I don’t know if the kind of rebalancing you envision is possible, since you seem to be asking for individual success to be more achievable. We cannot lower prices because those are player-made; trading with market makers is supposed to be an expensive exception if a resource is not available otherwise. The game can’t really be made easier when there is a finite amount of money with everybody trying to get a bigger portion of it. Less experienced players will naturally have a harder time succeeding. We cannot directly influence the market; it’s like asking PUBG Corp to make the game easier by nerfing your enemies. That being said, we are doing our best to design the game in a way that entry-level companies will always be relevant throughout the whole material tree and to all other tiers. Some problems (like unnaturally high Iron prices) will be solved by bigger player numbers, which are coming!

Hope my answer was helpful. :rocket:

Hello @LaggyGhost,
You must know that price of Iron depends on price of Carbon.
Montem is not that good for farming so because of that price of Carbon is higher then for example on planet Promitor. Because of that price of Iron goes up.
You must bid in order to try to lower the price on the market. Sometimes you can get commodity for much lower price than usually, but sometimes no, in that case you must wait or bring up your prices.
That is how this work.
Wish you good luck

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