A touchy subject

Hey folks,

Just wanted to make sure, differences in expression and all, that you guys are aware that “PU”, when spoken and heard in English, sounds like “pee-ew.” In the USA and Canada this is an expression of disgust.


Feel free to disregard or delete this message. I’m not trying to stir things up (and as a citizen of the USA, I feel the need to address that I’m hanging my head in shame right now). I just feel the need to point out a small problem that may exist in how the initialization of your game may be read or heard. I know if I were working on something that could be for an international market, I’d want to know something like this as soon as I could.

Guten Abend

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Thanks for the info!

As a non-native speaker it’s really hard for me to tell just how negative “pee-ew” is and whether people would commonly notice and/or care. But after all, we’re talking about an abbreviation, so I probably wouldn’t overthink it. And I say that as a German…we have some serious issues with abbreviations (think SS, SA etc.) :slight_smile:

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I think you’re right to not overthink it. Just would’ve hated to watch it come up a while from now and have “why didn’t anybody say anything” lamentations.


I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Either way, I’m afraid we couldn’t even do anything about it if we wanted to. Kind of late to switch the name of the project now. We could of course try to come up with a better abbreviation :wink:

Just wanted to mention, that Cloud Imperium Games as a States based company, is using the PU abbreviation for their persistent universe of Star Citizen.