A silly request - But Packaging Boxes for multiple small items to be shipped

Okay, hear me out.

I would like Packaging Boxes that you can store multiple MATs into ship, but when shipped you will only need to create one Shipping Contract per Box.

As Shipping Contracts become more and more popular, the frustration of having multiple small contracts and to calculate the price per t/m3 can be annoying, plus having multiple LM fees, which for example on CXs is not small.

I bring to you, Shipping Boxes!

Comming in Multiple set sizes, such as the 50t/50m3 (small), 100t/100m3 (medium) and 250t/250m3 (large), but only taking as much space and weight as the contents of the boxes due to specialised heat-shrinking materials!

To be built at a PPF near you with Specialised Materials such as PE, PG and THF creating Heat shrinking yet Insulating materials, this material is a one-use item that will have to be created before shipping, once filled and sealed, you can’t fit more in and will have to open it, discarding the used box.

Thank you for coming to my talk.


This is not a silly request. Pretty sure several similar suggestions have been made.

The consumable items idea I particularly like. Maybe because it has the potential for creating more markets among players. Could be applied to other industries or features as well.