9th big limerick contest

topic of this contest will be PrUn Community
for next two weeks anyone can post limerick about it and then i will choose 5+ i like most and create public pool. and voting will take place over another two weeks
winner will receive FTL ship with large cargo bay. full list of components bellow

pick up only on Hephaestus
additionally 200SF to get to Antares Station
and if winner have only FREE or BASIC account - 1 month licence key

Can you picture a massive space station
Or economies rife with inflation
PrUn’s got it all
We’re having a ball
Except when we get a Hydration Timeout [a9eb59fefd18101662bf834cbe5a34ed]

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In the most distant sectors of space.
Lives the nerdiest corporate race.
Spreadsheeting wizards
with chart reading lizards.
Logistic nightmare is commonplace.