7th big haiku contest

Big shout out to Churavis as a donator of RDS for previous contest (we both forgot to mention it) and STS for current contest

topic of this contest will be high gravity
for next two weeks anyone can post haiku about it and then i will choose 5+ i like most and create public pool. and voting will take place over another two weeks
winner will receive FTL ship with large cargo bay with STS. full list of components bellow

pick up only on Hephaestus
additionally 200SF to get to Antares Station
and if winner have only FREE or BASIC account - 1 month licence key

Descent - a wild ride.
Work is crushing and dismal.
So much nitrogen.

Exhausting to move,
All my blood is in my feet.
Never been fitter

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This force pulls us down
Together we struggle on.
…Do you have more fuel?

On a world that has,
Gravity which lets you go.
You must learn to fly.

Gravity pulls strong
Bodies bend, but will hold on
Endurance prolongs

Get Your G-Suits Boy!
Blood to your head not your feet
Just like in Training

Gas guzzling landings,
Workers should have worked out more,
to tame this hellscape

Here lies Settler Jeb.
Got out of his exo suit,
head crushed his larynx.