6th haiku contest

another contest will be about Incinerator
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 150k, 100k and 50k AIC
will finish next Sunday

Unbearable heat
Waste plants become building blocks

Organic ores
from the smelter returns
life’s resource

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nurtured greenery
passed into fire’s soft embrace
begins life anew


Setting plants alight
Brings joy to my workers lives
Oh such heat and light!

I burn all the grain,
My workers are so hungry.


burning plant matter
into darkness from the bright
for carbon money

Ancient gift tightly held
Guiding innovation
Holding back the night

Carbon farmer lumps.
Do you burn agriculture?
Or profit today?

Fossil Fuels are gone
Growing Crops to toss in flames
Churn Coke fast and slow

Green Promitor fields
Blue flames of industry grow
Black seeds of progress

Inferno rising;
Yet another funeral.
Our loss is our gain.

Hydrocarbon plants
Flying back from Promitor
I love you, Carbon

another contest is over

1st: gbjbaanb
2nd: marine307
3rd: Emperyan


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