52nd poetry contest

another contest will be about RATs
3 best poems will be rewarded with 250k, 200k and 150k AIC
will finish next Sunday
you can post any kind of short poetry like: haiku, tanka, limerick, couplet or any form you prefer

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In a starship, past the frontier,
Cried the crew, "It is just as we fear!
High-carb grains,
And algae, our bane,
Are the rations we’ve got for the year!

In the depths of space, where humans roam free,

The food they eat is not a luxury.

For space rations are all they have out there,

So they must savor every single share.

Today I farm
One day I will make spaceships
Please buy my RAT

another contest is over

1st: charlie-fox
2nd: Cat119
3rd: Ficks_Dinkum