50th poetry contest

another contest will be about Griffonstone
3 best poems will be rewarded with 250k, 200k and 150k AIC
will finish next Sunday
you can post any kind of short poetry like: haiku, tanka, limerick, couplet or any form you prefer

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There’s a planet made mainly of salt
Whose CEOs I must exalt
They’re mostly quite kind
If you don’t mind
Occasional sexual assault

In the depths of space a colony lies,
A backwater settlement 'neath starry skies.
Its people toil and sweat each day,
Extracting halite crystals for meager pay.


On the rocky planet of Griffonstone,
Where miners dig deep in the stone,
Their picks and shovels never rest,
As they work tirelessly just like the rest.


another contest is over

1st: Cat119
2nd: dangerduck
3rd: Ficks_Dinkum


Did you hear Steve Jobs died of ligma?