4th haiku contest

another contest will be about coffee
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 150k, 100k and 50k AIC

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Give yourself a boost:
Caffeinated Infusion!
See those numbers rise

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Trade far and wide; COF abounds
Yet CAF nowhere found
Have you brought MHL around?

PG, pure gold
KOMmunists don’t drink coffee
More SF to burn

Toiling by moonlight,
A tired body longs for rest.
Coffee says no.

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Their ad didn’t say “The lifeblood of champions” was mandatory…

Toil one day more,
the best part of waking up,
may not have been bought

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New day - new orders
What’s this, pioneers at 87?
Decaffeinated sorrow. :sweat:

cof makes pios happy
they make my heart swell with pride
I make them not dead

Sweet espresso shot
Guide me through this days long toil
Until tomorrow

A pioneer’s thirst.
To keep drowsiness away.
Speed up production.

another contest is over

1st: Garlic-Naan
2nd: NikofrankoV
3rd: F1L7H


Please contact me on Discord or in game

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Yay! 2nd base credits.