49th poetry contest

another contest will be about Artificial Soil
3 best poems will be rewarded with 250k, 200k and 150k AIC
will finish next Sunday
you can post any kind of short poetry like: haiku, tanka, limerick, couplet or any form you prefer


Fake dirt by the truckload so this wasteland can earn.
Gallons of chemicals that make my eyes burn.
My back aches from toil.
Sweet grape and berry.
Harvest till my fingers bleed.
All hands will be merry.
My life’s salt in their mead.
Thank you artificial soil.

In the future the soil’s artificial
For my farming it’s most beneficial
Some people will cry
“The planet will die”
But those silly “green” folks can go whistle

On a planet where soil was quite rare,
In a lab, a concoction they’d bear.
Crops thrived in their station,
Fed by tech innovation,
But ravenous bugs munched with flair.

another contest is over

1st: charlie-fox
2nd: Ogrebeef-Backkicker
3rd: Ficks_Dinkum


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