47th poetry contest

another contest will be about Fluorine
3 best poems will be rewarded with 200k, 150k and 100k AIC
will finish next Sunday
you can post any kind of short poetry like: haiku, tanka, limerick, couplet or any form you prefer

Bonds with anything
Most dangerous element
Just wants to be friends


Fluorine, a gas so reactive and strong,
Can bind with other atoms, it doesn’t belong,
But did you know that in a liquid state,
It becomes a breathable fluid, a unique fate.

This liquid form, so dense and clear,
Can fill up lungs without any fear,
But handle with care, for it’s not mere,
A substance to be taken lightly, my dear.

Fluorine, a gas turned liquid in a flash,
It’s a wonder that science cannot trash,
For it holds within, a fascinating stash,
Of properties that even scientists can’t mash.

So, let’s celebrate this element so rare,
That can turn into a liquid, a breathable affair,
A gas that’s a liquid, it’s beyond compare,
Fluorine, we marvel at your every dare.


In distant lands where life takes form,
We find the element so warm.
Fluorine, pure and shining bright,
A gift to guide us through the night.

Through endless void and starlit skies,
Our craft like bird in flight it flies.
With skill and grace we navigate,
To reach the planets we await.

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Fluorine, the element of light,
Reactive and powerful, so bright,
The lightest halogen, yet so strong,
In chemistry, it surely belongs.

With its electronegativity high,
It bonds with others with a fiery eye,
A diatomic gas in its purest form,
A wonder of nature, it sure does charm.

From medicines to toothpaste,
Its uses are varied, with no haste,
In industry, it’s essential too,
Making plastics and fuels anew.

Fluorine, oh fluorine, so rare,
A gift of nature, beyond compare,
In science, it continues to thrive,
A mighty element that will never die.

another contest is over

1st: charlie-fox
2nd: BitSec
3rd: dangerduck