46th limerick contest

another contest will be about Limestone
3 best limericks will be rewarded with 200k, 150k and 100k AIC
will finish next Sunday

I found a good planet for limestone
But It’s outside the faction trade zone
Conditions severe
There’s no-one else here
So at night I just play my trombone

To space we shall travel and roam,
For minerals we need to bring home,
Old sea shells are we shall mine,
For all the plants we shall design,
A labor both together and alone.

There once was a mineral so tough
It’d lift buildings to help it get buff.
Disrespect if you choose,
It’ll help make you shoes
For your river vacation, sure enough.

another contest is over

1st: dangerduck
2nd: cubblakistan
3rd: Ficks_Dinkum


Please contact me on Discord or in game