41st limerick contest

another contest will be about Flavoured Insta-Meal
3 best limericks will be rewarded with 200k, 150k and 100k AIC
will finish next Sunday

I recently moved a large shipment of FIM. After we unloaded it, one of my dock workers found this note, it must have slipped out of one of the transport crates.

Yet another Flavoured Insta-Meal
Thousands do I have to seal
I cough my phlegm,
sickly, into each of them.
Let it spoil their appeal.

I’ve told the worker to shut up about it and destroyed the note. Let’s hope the receiver won’t find out.

The Pioneers are all much braver
They sign a liability waiver
On the other hand, I
Am helped by A.I.
And my instant meals have lots of flavour.

There once was an engineer on Circe.
Whose Insta-Meal tasted of feces.
He felt almost certain
that the shippers from Verdant
wanted to show they were displeased.

I once heard of a building for software,
Had a recipe that got in dev’s crosshairs,
Drove FIM prices up,
Many ducats a cup,
Now we’re stuck with more herbs they’re a lot here.

another contest is over

1st: PMRV
2nd: dangerduck
3rd: Ogrebeef-Backkicker


Please contact me on Discord or in game