39th haiku contest

another contest will be about Corporations
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 200k, 150k and 100k AIC
will finish next Sunday

Small company good
Larger company better
Just don’t be evil

Planned economics,
Inefficient Production,
Dominates these groups

People together
Corporation isnt one thing
Friends better than foes

In space they do thrive
Big corporations rule all
Small guys just survive

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Greed fuels corporations,
profits at any cost, but
who pays the real price?

Join in glorious
corporate polygamy.
Reason? Better tax.

Many, together.
Governors, all on their own.
The two kinds of corp.

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What should we build first?
Immortality Center
or FTL lab?

another contest is over

1st: Nick11012
2nd: xflqr
3rd: Data-Redacted