37% GPU usage? Why?

New user here. I had typed up some notes on my new user experience but after having just created a business and being met with a new screen that looks like the start of a tutorial… my Nvidia RTX 3070 jumped to 37% usage along with some wonky internet spikes. I closed, opened, closed, reopened several times and it had the same result each time.

Why? What exactly is going on with this text based browser game that requires anything more than a resident Intel display chip?

Even with the MAP open (the only 3d accelerated item in the game I know of), I only see my GPU usage for Chrome go from 4 → 12% on a GTX 1080ti.

Honestly not sure what’s going on. I just wanted to add my data point.

Weird. Even when disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome, it still rises to 20%. I don’t get it but I find it suspicious.

Edit, and now it’s back up to 30%. Maybe due to the fact that it is an RTX and can be used for nefarious purposes?

Not sure if this is the same issue, but I found the game was using 50% CPU when I first started playing, using Firefox. It turned out to be due to the flashing animation for the COM and NOTS notifications. When I clicked on those elements to clear the notifications then the CPU usage would go back down - at least until the next notification arrived.

I fixed it by applying a custom CSS override - “animation: none” - to those elements, using a browser plugin.

I can confirm this issue. Having a screen with the universe map opened is causing heavy lag and high CPU usage for me.

The devs are currently reworking the universe map view, so maybe that work will include reducing the processor usage. I believe this change will be in the next release.