2nd haiku contest

Thanks all for previous haikus. And lets get some more
Next topic is cabbage, because I’m a big sauerkraut lover

This week I will reward 3 best haiku with 150k, 100k and 50k all in AIC

contest will end on next Sunday morning

Does the word sauerkraut
Have two syllables or three?
It is important.

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Warm night posting buys.
That is a lot of cabbage.
Damnit – penny bids.

I wiki’d cabbage.
To win a poem contest.
But then Ficks won first.

Over lasting cool light,
Napa, Savoy, and Green delight
Hence rations taste bright.

Leafy green or red,
Grow processed heads then eaten,
Smells like the undead

He who controls it
He controls the universe
Sauerkraut must flow

Second contest is over.

1st price: dangerduck
2nd: Ficks_Dinkum
3rd: RNGzero