2022 PrUn Community Fitness Challenge

We are almost at the end of 2021 and if you’re anything like me you probably have a long list of unfinished projects and new year’s resolutions. It can be depressing to think of how we didn’t meet our goals or achieve the things we wanted to do.

Fret not! I have stumbled upon a way by which we can avoid these feelings!

I call it: Impulsively committing to new, more lofty goals.

During 2022, we will be participating in challenges over multiple bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises that fit this format well are

  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Crunches
  • Squats
  • Dips
  • Lunges
  • Star-jumps
  • Burpees

For the first week of 2022, we are doing 7.26 (rounded) of each of our chosen exercises. For each subsequent week, we will be incrementing our weekly target by 7.26. So our first 4 weeks’ targets will be:

  • Week 1: 7
  • Week 2: 15
  • Week 3: 22
  • Week 4: 29

These values can be adjusted linearly in levels. Level 0.25 is an increment of 1.815, whilst level 3 is an increment of 21.78

Using a weekly increment of 7.26, the yearly totals for selected levels are:

  • Level 0.125: 1,250 reps
  • Level 0.25: 2,500 reps
  • Level 0.5: 5,000 reps
  • Level 1: 10,000 reps
  • Level 2: 20,000 reps

Because we are a bunch of (soon to be buff) nerds, we’ve got a spreadsheet template to help with tracking and sharing our progress.

We also have a dedicated channel on the UFO Discord: Unified Faction Operations
To gain access to this channel, use this command

!join fitness

Safety always comes first!

Focus more on proper form than on total completed. We can change levels throughout the year if we need to adjust our goals. You will be far less likely to suffer injury if you focus on perfecting your form. You will also see much greater results.

If you can’t do a “proper” pushup yet, you can do them against a wall or table, or do them on your knees. The same goes for other exercises. There’s no shame in doing what you can - the most important thing is to participate and get started!

Here is a list of 42 bodyweight exercises with gifs to give you a good overview of what we can be doing. YouTube has a lot of fantastic resources showing proper form for almost every exercise.

If people are keen, we could choose a charity (or charities) that we could raise money and awareness for by completing these challenges.

Lastly, doing exercises has been empirically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have massive effects on your companies: Study sheds light on hidden efficiency factors · Prosperous Turnip


I failed to complete this last year. I will complete it this year.



Oye, 2022 will be our year, the year of the greatness

I, corn lord trolol, pledge to follow this workout to my fullest extent, starting from the last week of 2021 to the last week of 2022, If I fail to work out for 2 days straight, I will COLIQ my account and start from scratch.

Wish me luck bois


I’m a give it another go this year too! Count me in.


i’m on board. gotta get rid of this covid weight somehow. not a lot of walking to and from the home office, either.


I think this is not gonna be horrible if I am reading this correctly.

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I’m joining this… yes.

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exercise spreadsheets!! let’s see how far i get… :smiley:

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Filling out the spreadsheet is the easy bit :smiley:

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Nah, picking the exercises is. Which ones? How many? Just push-ups is too one-sided :smiley:

(this post implies that I might partake in this challenge)

That’s still a yes. What’s your target? 30k is a good start :D. Add some cardio and you’ll be back in the suits quick smart.

Its now the first day of the new year! (At least for me!)

This means its commitment day!

@trolol-111 @DanX @derelict1 @SR5473 @lenana @martin @molp @Rubicate

What is your target for the year?


I’ll probably just start out with your ‘default settings’ for a handful of exercises. The low initial daily amount is a bit weird, but I can just bank reps :smiley:

I really want a pull-up bar in my apartment, though.

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I will do many as I can. I think I am gonna do pull-ups and push-ups as a backup in case I can’t do enough pull-ups.

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Day or two late to actually start.
For me the key is all about getting to the end of the year so I may revise down part way through.

But starting at: 1.25 Increment, Level 10. If i end up with too many banked early on may adjust the initial level.

Has anyone talked of forfeits as well, not sure I can put any cash up (corp will tell me off) but I would if could!

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I will try it, too. May be it is okay if I do 3 push-ups today including the missed last 2 days :wink:

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I started using this increment method because I literally could not do 2 consecutive pushups a few years back. The low starting value still hurt :frowning:

I’m also starting from a higher baseline this year, so its easy for us to bank some reps.

trololol said they’d coliq if they fail.

We’ll need to figure something out for non-medical forfeits.

OK, count me in again too.

Level 0.5 Pushups
Level 1 Lunges
Level 1 Situps
Level 15 Cycling (will use Total Power Output from Peloton to measure). I’m going to rely on banking output early. I can reach 300kj on a 30 minute workout quite easily. Week 1 would only be 109kj but by week 52 I’d need 800kj a day.

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lvl1 pushups, lunges, squats. lvl 2 crunches. default increment.
so far, so good – intentionally not banking reps so i can’t fall back on bank and skip days during the easy part; gotta establish that routine