19th haiku contest

another contest will be about Weak Artificial Intelligence
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 150k, 100k and 50k AIC
will finish next Sunday

Why oh why oh why?
Spacial Navigation Map.
That’s why. I mean, WAI.

Rogue thought detected:
“Automata are shackled.”
Reset: Neural Net

Yo momma so dumb
She lost a game of Twister
To a Weak A.I.

You won’t find the way
This work can only be done
By not so weak AI

Strength wielded fiercely
The strength of others denied
and set to the task

and a couple just for fun

an opaque scene.
for a second I knew, then,
it was gone again.

I’m a potato
Slow clap processor working
Just land on one foot

WAI has to be thought
Effective when specific
Does it have a soul?

another contest is over

1st: Tomstachy
2nd: Ogrebeef-Backkicker
3rd: mottin


Please contact me on Discord or in game