16th haiku contest

another contest will be about Truss
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 150k, 100k and 50k AIC
will finish next Sunday

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For the best results,
Build a solid foundation
to hold up your roof.

Atlas holds his balls,
Big bold beam brace for buildings,
He forgot to buy.

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Trust in Truss
Can help build Strong Infra
not Liz Truss

Sorry if I offend someone it’s for fun, can’t pass up the opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:

Truss. Not the strongest,
And not the most exciting.
Holding up the world.

Live inside you must,
'n trust your TRU won’t rust to dust,
Lest your lungs go bust…

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Beams and nodes, strong joints
Surely it would all collapse
Without its structure

Where can I sell them
These trusses I mass produce
Nobody wants them :frowning:

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Trust falls team building,
Truss falls fells the team’s building,
Corporate retreat.

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Watching machines weld
The factory wakes, and creates
Parts for greater things

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My floors LDE
For a profit BSE
In my base, I truss

another contest is over

1st: PaidLeber
2nd: Dinglebop
3rd: MetallicDragon


Please contact me on Discord or in game

Ten shipments of Truss,
Listed below market price.
Dawn of paradise.

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