13th - How to access to the game?



I have a question, how I can access the game today? :slight_smile:



Hey there!

We’ll make a big announcement here on the forum and out in the world once the game goes live. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s happening within the next few hours, stay tuned!


I can not wait. :grinning:


Do I need to pay to play the game, like not having Asteroid pack, won’t allow me to try the product?


If you have a key from somewhere you can access the game, otherwise you need to buy one of the packs


I have a key…but for the life of me…I cant find out how to get passed the Company name/faction/ and code screen. Where would I find this information?


You create it. You pick the name, the code is a 4 character shortening of your company name (think stock ticker) and faction is whichever of the three you choose.


The question has come a few times now, and we really have to make this clearer. Thanks for bringing it up! (And thanks for helping, @errantK!)


I’ve bought the First Access Planet package, which includes 5 First Access Keys to give to friends. Where do I get these keys from?

Another question:
The forum here seems to be almost dead. Where else to share expiriences and thoughts about the game if one considers the in-game-chat not too suitable for this?


Thanks for your support! You will be able to generate keys for your friends very soon over here

Discussions about the game can also be found in our Discord channel. We encourage everyone to post suggestions and feedback in the forums though, since we cannot monitor Discord 24/7


@crest If you want your keys more quickly, feel free to send me a private message. :slightly_smiling_face:

The forums are far from dead, activity always comes in bursts when new releases or changes are introduced. And we read everything on here no matter when you post.