11th big poetry contest

topic of this contest will be High-load Cargo Bay
for next two weeks anyone can post short poem about it and then i will choose 5+ i like most and create public pool. and voting will take place over another two weeks
winner will receive FTL ship with high load cargo bay. full list of components bellow

pick up only on Hephaestus
additionally 200SF to get to Antares Station
and if winner have only FREE or BASIC account - 1 month licence key

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How do you travel
When you’re on marijuana?
High-load cargo bay


A cargo bay vast, a ship’s hidden might,
High-Load Cargo Bay, carrying day and night.
Metals, minerals, and harvest’s delight,
Prosperous Universe, fueled by its might.

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In space’s grand expanse, where stars ignite,
I drift, burdened, carrying rocks in flight.
In the high load cargo bay, they stay,
Silent companions on my cosmic display.
In this eternal voyage, I’m embraced,
A traveler in space, carrying rocks with grace.

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In the vastness of space, a ship does fly
Its cargo bay wide, its size awry
A behemoth of metal, a sight to see
A transporter of goods, from A to B

This grandiose vessel in its lofty flight
Is a symbol of might, of human insight
A mission to carry, to explore and to roam
A journey to make the unknown its own

The cargo aboard, from faraway lands
A diversity of items, from grains to strands
Such an abode for all finds of note
A precious haven, for mere boats to gloat


My treasure sings triumph for all here to see!
My treasure sings glory of my victory!
My work, my all, hear ye, hear ye!
It is mine, all mine, alone.

Begone, you bandits! you will have your time
To eat such glory, o glorious mine
Oh no! Damn thieves! You glutinous fools!
It was mine, all mine, no more.

I sit in rags after unending loss
Sick of work and breaking for infinite gloss
But the more I try the more I will die
Is it mine, all mine, don’t know?

But then it went, the need for need
The drive of wealth had abandoned me
Not left in rags but in open fields
My greed and lust had gone

Now I rest among stars, o glorious are
With an empty cave stretched far and wide
I have no need for riches and gold and fame
Because all great meals all end the same

3,789,473 minutes. 3,789,473 moments so dear.
3,789,473 minutes – how do you measure, measure the years?
In daylights, in sunsets, in neurostimulants or smart zinfandel.
In Rfabs, in madness or parsecs - my brain starts to swell.
In 3,789,473 minutes. That’s how you measure what it takes
for my IDC base to fill up that hold.

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I’m high
I need to go to White castle to get some crappy burgers
High-load Cargo Bay

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