10th big poetry contest

topic of this contest will be gas haulers
for next two weeks anyone can post short poem about it and then i will choose 5+ i like most and create public pool. and voting will take place over another two weeks
winner will receive FTL ship with high volume cargo bay. full list of components bellow

pick up only on Hephaestus
additionally 200SF to get to Antares Station
and if winner have only FREE or BASIC account - 1 month licence key

Through the verse, the freighters glide,
With cargo vast, they’ll never hide,
In high volume bays, the gasses stowed,
To Moria’s market, their path bestowed.

From harvest’s touch, they swiftly sail,
To planets near and far they hail,
Expensive behemoths, yet crews unpaid,
A sacrifice made, a daring trade.

In tireless rhythm, their engines roar,
A purpose strong, they can’t ignore,
Fuelling commerce, a vital part,
Gas Haulers play, with steadfast heart.

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When using my brand new gas hauler
My parties are totally baller
Getting high on the fumes
It’s a little bit humes
The side effects make my dick smaller

Through the galaxy they journey far,
Their precious load, a cosmic star,
A blend of elements, a vital mix,
That fuels the engines, a fiery fix.

A potent brew, a source of power,
A blend of chemicals that do devour,
The endless void, their path unswerving,
A journey fueled by forces deserving.

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