100% CPU when playing

Hi. I’m brand new to PrUniverse and I notice loud fan noise when I’m playing and it turns out my laptop is at 100% CPU usage every time I play. The CPU usage drops and the fan noise decreases significantly when I close the PrUniverse tab.

Any reason this is happening?

I’m using the latest Edge browser on my Surface Laptap Go 2.

Often, this is associated with having the MU (map of the universe) or a system map such as MS YI-715 running. These screens hare heavier in graphics and updates of things such as positions of ships and planetary ephemeris.

Closing those buffers and only using them when needed tends to be my approach to resolving the issue.

That has helped. Thank you.

Excessive CPU use sometimes is caused by not using the dedicated hardware for the 3d scenes. Check your browser settings for “hardware acceleration”, it might be disabled.

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This was off. Flipped it on and now it seems I can have the Map open without the CPU usage going sky-high.

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