100% CPU load, caused by the blinking notification bars and the map


I run PrUn on a older Thinkpad X230 in Linux Mint using Firefox.
Whenever a blinking bar exists, to notify me about new chat post for instance, or new entries in the notifications window, the CPU load shoots up to 100%.
As soon as i read the chat or mark the notification as read and the blinking bar disappears, the CPU load goes back to normal.
Having the map open has the same effect.

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Hi, could you check if it works better with hardware acceleration enabled? To enable it in Firefox goto about:config and set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true.

Tried this, but this setting kills the renderer for Firefox completely.
Not only are websites not displayed (blank window), even the Firefox menu is not showing any text anymore.
Had to edit prefs.js manually to switch it off again XD

FI: Also tried Chromium now, there I have the same effect, but CPU load only jumps up to about 40% for the Notification Bars. The Map lets it jump up to 130-140% though.

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It’s good to have you here. Hope this gets resolved for you.

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Found that I can play the game in Linux also via Steam.
Map is still a CPU hog there, but the bars only cause 25% load (on one of two cores), thats ok for me.
Any improvement is welcome btw., but I’m aware that this is an old and outdated system.