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Really good question! This is actually something we’re still working on. Decaying structures are indeed planned, not only to get resources out of the system again, but also to balance the game a bit in favor of newcomers, whose brand-new buildings still operate perfectly. And of course, players will (want to) expand their companies to other planets, so there’s always going to be the need for more and more resources. As for having to buy those resources: We’re going to test a new mechanic in the next run that is supposed to reward specialization and hence increase the players’ dependence upon each other.

As of now, there’s no super-detailed overview of the game’s mechanics, partly because we don’t want to bother with it as long as it’s subject to such big changes. For now, the Feature List will have to do, but more in-depth tutorials and possibly other learning sources like a wiki are definitely on the horizon. :slight_smile:


Having only a money sink and nothing to refresh the limited money pool, except new players, is a delicate matter.

I already had that discussion with Mjeno in Gamechat and i think we both agreed, that war is a good resource sink.

You only want to expand as far as you can handle the situation, thus planets.
I played a browsergame once, where it was usual, that players had about 20 to 50 colonys and that was insane, as war broke out and people started invading planets, i was going nuts.

As i already mentioned earlier, imagine Airlinesim, without planes repeating flight schedules or the need to set prices daily, welcome to hell :skull:


Indeed! Unlike many other MMOs, where players generate money from mobs and traders, inflation isn’t our problem. On the contrary: As of now, all the money that gets into the economy is the players’ starting money. Only resources become more plentiful because they are generated by mining etc. So getting money out of the system isn’t something we worry about, destroying resources is. But yeah, we’re getting a little off-topic, it’s just something I love to chat about. :smile:


When browsing the structures/materials, there should be a button to open the commodities market on that material category:


Easier said than done :slight_smile: There is more than one commodity exchange, which one should we open? :slight_smile:


Good question :joy: That’s perhaps an optimisation later on - My only criticism here, then, is that the commodity exchange for a given planet is a little difficult to find if you didn’t know to look for it



Yeah I’d seen that comment, initially my suggestion was a little different, but I think yours is perhaps the better of the two


I dont know if this was proposed already because I dont know what exactly to search for.

I would propose a flexible working force. When for example the Prefab Plant1 has no running order the 80 Pioneers working there are free to join the other factories. This way it would be possible to maintain 100% efficiency if 180/100 pioneers are “occupied” as long as the Prefab Plant1 runs empty. As soon as it gets an order, the efficiency for all factories goes down according to the 180/100 ratio. This way the work force does not need to be overinflated for rarely used factories (I consider keeping the workforce satisfied still quite annoying and also too challenging).

This could be implemented like a “currently required/full load required” indication instead of the “required” one in the population overview. As long as the “currently required” number remains below the capacity, the efficiency is 100%. It is imo also quite unreasonable for a futuristic game to waste human ressources in empty running workplaces. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Sorry wrong thread I guess. Please move post to suggestions/ideas if possible.


Thanks for the suggestion! I see where you are going with this, but this would be a big change to the current system and would probably make it more complicated. Right now we don’t have an upkeep system for the buildings player build besides the workforce. Without an upkeep players could build huge bases that are possibly almost empty. That is not what we want. We have plans to create other means of upkeep for buildings and maybe then we can talk about a more flexible workforce! We’ll keep it in mind!


I thought the buildings are limited by the area and not by the workforce?


That is true, I meant that building lots of buildings without the corresponding workforce doesn’t make any sense at the moment, because the efficiency will be very bad. So workforce is a limiting factor


Feedback on Commodity Exchange
It would be nice if you could change the chosen exchange in a tile instead of having to open up another one.

Feedback on Interface in general
It would be nice if it was possible to click on the headline of a tile and get the possibility to enter an order straight away instead of having to use a new tile.

Feedback on foreign exchange
It would be nice to have NPC offers if there are to few player offers for a certain currency. (E.g. initial with an exchange rate of 1:1.5)

Feedback on length of periods
I think that the time production (and transport) takes is too long at the moment. I think we could give better feedback if a single cycle of would be finished after about an hour. (To keep the current output you might simply 10-fold the production rate of everything.)

Feedback on building
Actually setting up a building should take some time. While it’s fine with me if a basic infrastructure is finished within minutes, complex buildings should take some time.

Feedback on Buying commodities
Similar to the former building topic: While I think that it is a good idea to enable us to buy construction materials on a planet without the need to transport (if there is a comX on that planet) imo it should still take a certain amount of time for the commodities to get to the base.

Proposal Planetary Infrastructure
This extends the last post: Actually it would be a nice aspect if one could build infrastructure on the planet (e.g. train routes) to influence that forementioned transport time.


Proposal Trade at comX without storage
I had flown an airship to another system where I haven’t got a base or other kind of storage. So while it was impossible to “finish” a trade, I was able to enter an offer and the order was executed. So now the commodities are “somewhere” and I wont be able to get them on board of my ship.

Thus I propose that if you have got a ship in orbit of a planet with a ComX and you place an order the ships cargohold is considered as storage.


I believe that is how it woks, if you have the capacity. I’ve bought things and had them go into my ship before. but then I bought something that weighed too much and I couldn’t complete it.


Check the CONTS command to see your contracts. If the order was executed you will find a pickup contract that can be fulfilled if you have a ship in orbit ob the comex.


Check out the Starting guide from 15:46: It deals with the situation you seem to have encountered. :slight_smile: The Commands overview tutorial should be online tonight or tomorrow, and it’s going to feature an explanation of CONTS and all related commands.


Oh my… I had simply overseen that there had been two commodity exchanges in the system… Flew to the right planet and everything worked out fine.


Hi, my suggestions and ideas are:

  1. to make employment/hiring of workers ( from population - pioneers, ect.) as well as experts from/to other colony. For example for pioneers :
    10 pioneers /12 h / 200 ICA or NCC
    10 settlers/12h/ 400 ICA or NCC
    1 expert/ 12h / 100 ICA or NCC
    (amount of workers /hours/ and the price is dependent from type of workers).
  2. to make a Space Shuttle Orbiter for transporting of people to other planet or Bus ( Drone) on the same planet.


Would be nice to have a plain text box tile to keep notes in like…

though it is easy enough to do out of game