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Thanks for your suggestion! We have received this particular idea several times and it is on our list of things to improve.

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How about we have a MM for sodium? Even buying at 0.01, just so we have a way to get rid of excess Na so that it doesn’t clutter our storage space or order lists.

We have a ticket in our tracker to find a solution for possible Na excess

Maybe a more general approach: “dump”? (implemented via the drag-drop-interface)

1 10 100 half max dump

That will make it too easy to dump things by mistake

“It says here that 20 TRU were supposed to be unloaded from this ship. I don’t see them in our inventory. What happened?”
“Uhm. Butterfingers?”

On a different note, the NA problem will be addressed in the next update!


A quick “confirm”-dialog could help…? (like the ones for “destroy a building” or “cancel production queue”?

Another issue from the chat few days ago:

mess in buying & selling things … i habituated to eve online where it much faster … to buy is with double click order & buy - sell order, quantity & buy confirm, … sell order - quantity, price & sell, … here, have to input some much info, … XD


click on the price in the CX opens the window like “trade”, but everything prefilled (price like what you clicked, ask or bid) except quantity?

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It would be nice to be able to see what resources I will get in what time before building COL/EXT/RIG/FRM. Right now you have to build them before you see exactly what you will get.


Would be nice to be able to add people to corporation by username instead of having to go to that person, click his company, then click add to corporation

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That is something for Mjeno’s List.

That would be really helpful. The output depends on the planet the EXT/RIG/COL is built, so we cannot give a general number, but we could at it to the BBC buffer…

Corporations will be overhauled/extended with one of the next feature updates and I am sure we will simplify the process then.


I was in the process of answering everything before I noticed that molp already wrote exactly what I was going to say. :smile: Some good points here, throwing them into The Filter now.

So this is far from essential. In fact it may seem like a lot of work for relatively little payoff, but having camera feeds showing what is going on in various parts of your bases would be incredibly cool. Maybe just still images (panning from side to side perhaps) with animated workers (none when they are on strike) and a static effect and security cam style overlay. It would add a lot of life and character to the game.

The question is, would anyone give up screen space to add them to the interface if they don’t add any new information?

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I would like to see the functionality added to the game to buy/sell from/to which ever offering on the CX’s I choose to, instead of the lowest sale price or the highest buy price.

I find the .01 snipers extremely annoying, except when outbidding the MM, where at which time a player is simply taking advantage of currency that is about to leave the economy or product that is about to leave the game.

Nothing wrong with a bidding war, but it needs to be a meaningful amount, not a potentially 100 changes in offerings that only change the price of the commodity by one currency. I know I would purposely buy from someone at a higher price or sell to someone at a lower price that has been outbid by .01.

It’s people working the system and being allowed to beat out other players that made it to the market first, but lose out on the transactions when no meaningful amount of currency had been incremented.

The way I see to put an complete end to this is to allow people to buy from or sell to the offering they choose to. Anything else people will find another way to work the system. Let the player choose whether an offering is a meaningful change in price or if the player is working the system.

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I would! Personally, I like this “flavor” stuff a lot, but like you say, it’s not important to the core of the game. Your suggestion in particular sounds like a lot of work for little gameplay payoff. Given our slow development speed and limited resources, we can’t really think of creating something like that right now. That being said, I’ve been trying to sneak in smaller, pure flavor, non-gameplay suggestions to make the universe seem more alive, and I’ll try to place yours in the backlog as well. :wink:

I like it a lot. Your reasoning is sound and I agree that penny underbidding is pretty annoying. However, it is a massive change and we’ll have to be sure of the consequences (and possibilities for exploitation) before we make a decision. Throwing it in The Filter now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Similar to an idea i had in mind since some months… a little connected to AirlineSim…

Why not have an “advertising chanel” where everyone could broadcast little commercials (at least with still pictures and text). This would of course need a fee, maybe it could even be done with bidding (basic fee and then the ads sell to the highest bidders?)

It would need an basic editor though, some background images, texts to enter, maybe a little 50s Style generic music in the background:

“Come to faboulous Berthier and grab some of the good’ol AL for a really cheap price!” jingle

Would help to free the chat a little from those advertisers but also would make the game a little more alive…

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So one way to encourage product specialization (not industry specialization) would be to have a short delay (shorter for lower tier buildings perhaps) when you start producing a different product from what you were just making (Simulating some minor retooling). Maybe your factory has an affinity level for each recipe. When you produce that product the affinity level rises, when you don’t produce that product the affinity level lowers. The lower the affinity for a product the longer the delay when switching to it.


This would mirror some of the food factories I work with.
When changing the product they have to clean down their production lines, but would need to have some logic for multiple production buildings
2 FP running DW and RAT
If DW finishes and a RAT starts just minutes later the first RAT finishes and DW starts you would not want a cooldown there.

The affinity idea could work for that, if implemented

Having not built multiple of one building yet I wasn’t exactly sure how that worked. Separate queues would be nice, but if it’s one queue for all of them the idea may need a little tweaking.

Perhaps with 2 buildings the affinity only goes down when you start a 3rd recipe.
Swapping between 2 recipes doesn’t lower your affinity with either of them, but when you start a 3rd the affinity starts going down for the one that you stopped producing (the 4th with 3 buildings, the 5th with 4 buildings…etc.)

This allows you to juggle between as many recipes as you have buildings without the delays until you make something different. (At least after the initial delay when starting to produce those recipes for the first time)

Edit: Maybe there should be a time limit though where if you don’t produce a recipe for like a week the affinity goes down anyway?

Maybe the number of recipes you can juggle isn’t the same as the number of buildings. It could be you need 4 buildings before you can juggle 3 and 6 before you can juggle 4 and 9 before you can juggle 5?

You have to also consider the fact that this disadvantages (compared to now) buildings with more recipes more than buildings with less.

Perhaps similar recipes should count as the same as far as affinity goes?

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OK, I’ve got it, this is better.

Recipe Upgrades:
Upgrades require materials of a higher tier than the recipe.
There could be various levels of upgrades requiring even higher tiered materials.
Upgrades could affect speed, quality, ingredients (amount or even which ingredients) and could even add a new commodity to make.
However, a time penalty is applied when switching to upgraded recipes from something else (even from other upgraded recipes).
The delay is added as a separate item in the queue (not taking away a queue slot) so you can easily see when you haven’t properly queued things up to prevent delays.
Delay time is effected by worker efficiency.
Delays would probably be between 15 minutes and 2 or 3 hours depending on the recipe, worker tier, and level of upgrade.
Upgrades, rather than changing a recipe, could perhaps always add a recipe instead, that way you can always go back to using the old version at times you want to avoid the delay.
Upgraded recipes could be colour coded so they stand out from regular recipes.

Rather than affinity, which would be automatic taking away the feeling of agency. Upgrades are a very deliberate choice by players. It would be much simpler to keep track of and for new players to understand and it keeps the intended effect of rewarding players for specializing.
It’s also an expandable system. Devs can add new upgrades arbitrarily. Not all recipes have to be upgradable. Upgrades could be unlocked by planetary projects or in-game events. It could act as a kind of tech-tree system (upgrades become available after a corporation has researched or bought the tech required).

The Local Market doesn’t seem to be sorted in any way I can discern. When I post new ads, they might go at the top, at the bottom, or in the middle. I think I’d like them to be sorted by date of creation - maybe with another column for when they expire.