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As for the balancing issues, I think @dbltnk should look into that.

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As a suggestion for the commodity exchanges:

  1. Comparison between cxs
    A comparison table would be nice, in fact same as cx is for a single exchange, but with the prices of multiple exchanges next to each other. The head and rows (and selection) would remain same, but the columns would show the numbers of different cxs. (maybe just a selection: price / ask&bid / amount)
    (of course the currency has to be noted in the head of the table for the different cxs)
    This could be especially helpful as soon as user exchanges (?name?) come into the game and would support traders.

  2. Userdefined list of items
    Most players have some goods they trade more often than others. Maybe have another selection “list” in the dropdown: “user”, where everybody can add specific items?

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I like them both and have put them on The List!

That being said, I’m not sure how much of the restriction on direct comparisons between commodity exchanges is by design.

while the 3d planet model in the PLI screen is obviously a placeholder, I think it’d be nice if the colour of each plot was darker the more developed it is for the final version.


A little suggestion regarding “contracts” (as the devs are working on that atm):

please do not have just “goods vs money”-contracts, but also “goods vs goods”.

manufactoring MHL in your WEL, but you need Iodine (and others) as input…
-> have a contract "delivering 4 MHL after 4 days after receiving 4 HE, 4 FE and 4 I and 2.000 ICA"
So a business partner can deliver the required ressources and pay someone to do manufatoring for him.


Another small suggestion:

When buying, under “Storage location”: not just give the transponder but also the given name of the ship?!

Are you sure your ship is named? When I select a storage location, it shows only the ship’s name. Could you maybe take a screenshot? :slightly_smiling_face:

wow, tried it directly after renaming: there was still the transponder (the buffer was new though)
now: name…
maybe something was not refreshed…? nevermind… closed

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Some rough thoughts and ideas:

  • experts are gained quite fast, this should be slower (5 professions maxed out in 2 months?) or the number should be multiplied by 10 (50 experts = 28.4 % bonus though)

  • experts should be limited if they are not used (e.g. max 1…6 unused experts), so one cannot switch all the time depending on a current focus…?

  • to encourage trade over “multiple bases for multiple goods”, maybe have a specialization in “management” that applies to all bases (similar to experts per base)?

Thanks for your suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face: I put the first two up for discussion, but I’m not sure I understand the third. How, where and in which way would that specialization take effect?


Additional to those experts “per base” you have some “management”, that applies to your whole company.

First possibility: same mechanism as per base, you have max. 6 experts, they give similar additional bonus… (e.g. 5 experts for agri in your company, one base has also 5 agri experts, that gives +28.4% for global, +28.4% for local)

Second possibility: A little different, maybe more interesting (?): Lets say you have three (?) slots for “management experts” (not per base, but for your company). You could think of everything like them beeing for hire from market, having required “levels” (depending on your max. tier building), having daily costs (salary), giving unique bonuses ("+10% on FP-output", “+50% on EXT efficiency for ALO”,…), number and “strength” depending on the level? They could also “develop” and level up, if you fire them, they go to the market…

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Regarding the CX-Links in chat:

Maybe have another Tags besides e.g. BDE.IC1 which will display a link and the current “market” price (which is from previous trades):


with the current highest/lowest Ask/Bid-price?

Makes announcing sales / buys easier…


Good idea. @Mjeno, you can add it to the The List™.

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I have a minor QoL suggestion regarding the CXPO order placing screen. On the screen there is not really much of an indication as to what Amount and Limit reference, unless you use the set buttons there is nothing indicating which one is currency and which is units. I have seen that issue brought up several times in chat, and it sometimes gives me pause when placing orders as to which one is which.

Adding a MAT ticker to Amount and the Currency to Limit would solve any confusion. I made a quick/rough mock-up of what I’m meaning,here’s an imgur album with some images & description showing what I’m meaning.


I really like the part about adding the currency code to the limit field. In addition to just renaming the fields to quantity and “price limit”, this would be a great addition.

Limit makes sense from a technical view as it is either the upper or lower limit for price.

Pardon if this has been brought up already - A toggle, function or command that disables / enables usage of a luxury resource by a colony’s population. This would help benefit numerous scenarios, such as helping with the startup of trying to produce a luxury good that is being consumed, COF for instance, consumes at the same rate as OVE, so when having 500 pioneers, even though they do benefit greatly, that is a lot of consumption and lost profit if only having one HYF which will take a lot of time to turn that margin. It would be nice to be able to disable the usage initially to be able to sell and build up a surplus first to prepare better for that material consumption rate.

Also the reverse is true if having a colony primarily of settlers, producing COF, and only enough pioneers to run a food processor that may have idle times and result in lost material consumption time. Can apply to KOM and even though I’ve not looked that far ahead would imagine the same logic holds true for the higher tier luxury consumables in either scenario. Any colony trying to produce them, unless it’s a second or third that is going to have enough buildings dropped to mass produce immediately with negligible consumption, will take time to be able to generate a profit with such high consumption already.


How about a notification system for directed messages.

Currently the COM button lights up, but it also lights up for any message in unmuted chats.

So it’s quite easy to miss a DM or a message where you have been @'d in global chat

Maybe either a different colour on the COM button to indicate directed messages, or a new indicator next to NOTS (or even in the NOTS screen) in the top right


I’m a relative newbie who’s still struggling to make his base profitable, so I have to ration my rations and drinking water carefully. It would be great if the game could help me out with that by telling me on the Population screen how much longer my current RAT/DW will last. That way I would know how much I’ll be able to produce with my current batch of rations and when my workers will need to be fed again. It would help me plan my trips to the Commodity Exchange.

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