Release Notes - Ignition

Release date

The Ignition release will be released on December 7th 2020

General Notes

We have liftoff! A new fleet of ships awaits you in your ever-expanding quest to conquer the unknown. Spaceship blueprints allow you to customize your ships to your liking, whether they be lightning fast or large enough to haul many metric tons of precious materials. Shipyards have been made available for convenient assembly, but don’t forget to factor in the damage your ships will accrue on their trips across the galaxy…

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

Specialized spaceships

Choose from a plethora of customizable options to build your ultimate armada. Prioritize the engine or reactor to have your items arrive faster or give precedence to the cargo bay in order to ship large bulky materials that were previously a pain to transport. The more complex your vessel becomes, the more you can expect to spend to boldly go where none have yet ventured.

Assembly Required


Once you’ve polished up your blueprints, take them on over to a shipyard to begin immediate construction. Make sure to include all the required materials and observe as your supplies transform into a fully-fledged flightcraft. Shipyards can be implemented by developing them as a planetary project or perhaps you will already find them in unlikely places…

Prepare for Impact

No ship is impervious to the anomalies in space. Micrometeoroids, the heat of atmospheric reentry, gravity, and radiation all pose threats to your fine fleet. Be sure to not skimp on critical defense components that come in the form of whipple shields, heat shields, stability support systems, and radiation plating. You’ll thank yourself later.


  • Made high-tier consumables less expensive all around
  • Introduced Advanced Appliances Factory to reduce number of APF recipes
  • Streamlined software by sorting it into three categories (Components, Tools, Systems)
  • Added a new software building (Software Engineering) and changed Software Development to a Technician-tier building
  • New additions to the software tree: BAI, MLI, IMM
  • Removed Rating Algorithm RA
    • If you have it in storage, please contact @molp to have it replaced with SA
  • CNN, FNN and RNN were combined into a single Neural Network NN
    • If you have any unusable neural networks in storage, please contact @molp to have it replaced with NN
  • Reduced the area cost of some of the larger buildings
  • Changed expertise category of ECA and EDM to electronics
  • Reduced electronic systems MMs (due to cheaper high-tier consumables)
  • Several small changes to recipes in the electronics category
  • Introduced alternative recipe for DRF (shoutout to @Esabab)
  • Changed VIT to Vita Essence (recipe includes new Orchard material PIB)
  • Changed VG recipe (removed LIS, added chemical components)
  • Slightly reduced RCO MM.
  • Several changes to help underused materials (such as CA, I, DCS, TA)
  • Made AMM a basic input material for fermentation processes
  • Two new resources: BOR (mineral) and HEX (liquid)
  • We now show the amount of missing fuel for a route
  • The population report now has two additional rows to indicate where a change in population originated


  • We fixed the way how client and server handle flight calculations, so the flight times you see in SFC are actually the ones that count once the flight is started
  • The STL and FTL slider now have a higher fidelity
  • Opening POPID is now possible even when not owning a store at a given planet
  • The “screens” menu will no longer be obstructed by buffers

Is there a way to upgrade ships once they’ve already been constructed, like adding on heat shields once you realize how important they are? Or would you have to destroy the ship for parts and make a new one with those desired components?

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In the first iteration it will not be possible to alter or destroy ships. We had plans for a ship flight simulator, where you could test fly using a blueprint, but I am afraid that feature will not make it until the 7th.


How expensive are ship repairs going to be?

you will need Hullplates and Shield parts to repair.

The legacy/old ships only have Hull plating.
So they need BHP - Basic Hull Plating.
Made in the HWP from 12 AL 1 STL 1 HE = 1 BHP

Three Cheers for eliminating the Randomizer on the Flight Control Screen!

But I’m worried about increased FF usage. I (almost) always fly at Max FF, and I’ve kept pretty good records (Spreadsheets in Space!). The Prism-Montem run (or vice-versa) has always burned 47 FF at Max Reactor. Launched on that route today, and it’s burning 81 FF at Max. Is it going faster, or burning more Fuel for same speed? (the Est Flight Time looked very similar to prior flights at Max FF & similar SF, so it looks to me like it’s just using more FF for the same speed.)

On first look, Shipbuilding looks pretty cool, though I’m a long way from being rich enough to use it yet (and also a long way from understanding it!).

new data point, from longer (5-jump) route that I’ve flown dozens of time. Looks like we have bigger FTL Reactors now - goes faster (at same SF usage), but burns more FF. What was previously Max Reactor is equiv to new 58% Reactor level, in both FF usage & Est Flight time.

This is All Good. We now have option to get there sooner (Yay!) at the price of higher FF use (OK, can’t complain).

Yay, Devs! This will make our Pilgrimages to the Temple of Molp quicker! (…but more expensive)

I just fixed a few things:

  • The selection of an auto-provisioning store works again
  • The ‘damage’ column in the flight view is not misaligned anymore
  • The weights of BHP, LHP, RHP, HHP, AHP have been reduced
  • The problem with negative population happiness has been fixed
  • The resources that have been added with Ignition are now extractable

Just in case you were wondering where all the BOR resource deposits are:


I adjusted the hull plate recipes of the HWP as they have been very short and could potentially be abused by building a HWP, run a batch, demolish the HWP without losses and so on. I eyeballed new times, Counterpoint will have to do a proper analysis once he is back.