Name THAT Planet Round 7

It’s been a hot minute since our last planet was named, but now’s your opportunity to get your favorite planet a brand spanking new moniker. Here are the planets from last time that we talked about. I have not checked to see if all of them are still unnamed, but I will before posting the poll. If you know that some are definitely named then you can let me know in the comments:

  • QQ-001a
  • KW-602c
  • CB-282d
  • QJ-650c
  • KI-840c
  • XG-452f
  • ZV-759d
  • KI-439b
  • KI-401d
  • XG-751b
  • JS-753c
  • LG-093a
  • DW-419a

Are there any other suggestions out there? Comment below and I will add them to the list!

TL;DR Please comment WHICH PLANET you want to receive a name below

I’m excited to see QJ-650c in the running. As the governor there, I highly approve the naming of the planet :smiley:


These planets are great candidates to receive a name.

  • JS-601c: Benten - HAL & FEO - 3 Jumps to CX
  • JS-570a: Benten - HAL & LST - 3 Jumps to CX

I totally do not have any bases on them! :wink: :innocent:

Several of the candidates mentioned have been named since the last contest. These include:

  • YK-649b: Norwick
  • QJ-149c: Nascent
  • XD-354b: Magus
  • UV-351d: Biogenesis

The rest of the (current) candidates are still without names.

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QQ-001a is a great green populated planet in the same system of Circe (QQ-001b). It is manufacturing focused complementing the Chemistry focus of Circe.

I would suggest naming it Hestia in line with the Greek mythology theme of that system.

Nick, I think the list needs KC-765c and OS-099c removing as they’ve been abandoned in game, and as mentioned above, UV-351d, XD-354b, QJ-149c and YK-649b have been named. The only name suggestion for a planet not in your list is for DW-419a, so your list ought to be:


Unnamed Populated Planets:
There are 161 unnamed populated planets, of which 31 have no employment so are abandoned.
Suggestions and proposed names, in descending order of population, for the top 80 planets.
Click triangles to open each section of the list:

1 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 30
  • OT-823a (SIO BRM)
  • KI-439b (LIO HAL)
  • KI-401d (H AR)
  • VH-043e (HE3)
  • XG-326d (H2O)
  • YI-280j (MGS BER)
  • TO-392d (LST FEO CLI)
  • YI-715c (LIO TIO)
  • RC-639a (H2O)
  • KI-401b (FEO TIO ZIR)
31 - 40
  • ZV-639d (N)
  • VH-043a (H2O)
  • WB-948c (ALO CLI)
  • XG-751b (Electronics COGC TAI)
  • SE-648b (H2O BER)
  • AU-605c (TIO)
  • IY-206j (BRM HE)
  • KW-020d (Agri: HYFs)
  • OT-115d (H O)
  • VH-331c (FEO SCR)
41 - 50
  • VH-778b ((AMM TIO LST))
  • WB-947b (BRM FEO ALO)
  • RC-040f (AR)
  • SE-648c (O TIO TCO)
  • XH-668c (Metallurgy)
  • VH-331b (GAL HAL)
  • LB-476b (MGS H)
  • JS-952f (H HE)
  • JS-753c (SIO LIO (AMM TS))
  • QQ-001c (Electronics)
51 - 60
  • EM-929b (CUO)
  • PG-027b (SIO LIO HAL)
  • CG-044c (LST N AMM)
  • JS-869c (BRM HAL)
  • LG-093a (LST ALO AUO)
    El Dorado (Desan Name THAT Planet Round 4 - #7 by Desan )
  • XG-430c (Food Industries)
  • FK-037f (N (O))
  • OT-113b (LIO HAL)
  • RC-040d (BRM GAL H BOR)
  • TD-203d (FEO LST (TCO))
61 – 70
  • DW-419a (CLI O BOR)
    Cookhouse (TwilightSentinel Name THAT Planet: Round 3 - #3 by TwilightSentinel )
  • YI-715a (TIO LIO)
  • WB-947e (O)
  • IZ-768b (CLI BRM HE)
  • LS-746b (Fuel Refining)
  • XD-354g (NE)
  • JS-601e (GAL Fuel Refining)
  • ZV-759e (FEO (GAL AMM H SIO))
  • TO-392g (HE)
  • XG-326b (Food Industries)
71 – 80
  • HM-910c (Agriculture)
  • VH-778a (TIO)
  • WB-947h (N)
  • EW-238c (FE HAL)
  • ZV-639e (AMM HE)
  • AM-884c (FEO (BER))
  • KI-840d (C)
  • AJ-293g (H HE3)
  • WB-675i (AMM)

Recently Named Planets:
LS-231b Aratora
YK-649b Norwick
UV-072c Asbestos Lead Asbestos
AU-522b Typhon
AJ-768a Lemuria
UV-351d Biogenesis
QJ-149c Nascent
XH-329a Uponor
VH-331f Odysseus
KI-446b Demeter
XD-354b Magus

Recently Named Systems:


Been hauling H from CB-282d for ages, and even before I did it, it was the H supplier as soon as Umbra couldn’t keep up with the demand. My vote goes to CB-282d

QJ-650c now has the largest high-tier workforce of any unnamed world in ANT-space, so I’ll continue to plug “Midas” for it.


Stop stealing Greek names for Circe, we need all Greek names for Antares! :yum:

On that node, definitely Midas for QJ-650c.


My vote is for ZV-759d!

I’d like to put KI-401d into consideration

I agree with naming a planet “Round 7”.


As Gov I need to vote for KW-602c :slight_smile:

xg-751b is worth consideration. Only planet on this list that supplies TAI.

Then we should maybe also consider JS-952f.
Around 100 H less per day output, but a much better location next to BEN and additional HE onsite, I really like that planet.

qq-001a is my vote. jsdiofjsdfsdh

How about the DW System planets getting names from the Doctor Who series; start with DW-419a as ‘‘New Gallifrey’’.

Thanks guys for all the comments and new planet considerations. Please cast your vote for WHICH planet should receive a name. We will do a second poll for the actual name. May the odds be ever in your favor!

  • QQ-001a
  • KW-602c
  • CB-282d
  • QJ-650c
  • KI-840c
  • XG-452f
  • ZV-759d
  • KI-439b
  • KI-401d
  • XG-751b
  • JS-753c
  • LG-093a
  • DW-419a
  • JS-601c
  • JS-570a
  • JS-952f

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There is already a manufacturing planet named Hephaestus

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Man, That is a great name stolen from us. The other alternative is “Apollo” - god of crafts.

We could also go with one of Circe’s siblings (Aeetes, Pasiphae, or Perses)

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