Name THAT Planet Round 6

I’d like to see QQ-001a or UV-351d receive a name this round. Both are populated and play a roll (economically) in their systems.

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KI-840c has a small community of smelters and chemical companies… we’re a hard-working bunch.
I think a good name for the planet would be “Brimstone”.

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  • KI-439b - The Lithium source of the universe

It’s only 1/3rd the pioneers of YI-280d.

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I am suprised how many are unable to read instructions…

Name suggestion comes later…

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JS-753c is my LIO powerhouse. much better than KI-439b.

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Much better without local HAL? Even Jura is better than JS-753c.
Back to topic:

KW-602c I vote for this fast growing FP planet next to EW

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No love for CB282-d? ;(

  • UV-351d - Benten’s AMM source.

Suggestion: Siwa, based on the Siwa Oasis which was the etymological source for the word sal ammoniacum. You can figure the rest.

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vote ing for QQ-001a

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My vote remains with QJ-650c :slight_smile:



This would be a lot easier if we could actually search them on universe map…

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Thanks for all the suggestions! I think it’s time that we put it to a vote. Please vote for which planet you would like to receive a name. Afterwards we will choose the actual name! Good luck to your favourite unnamed planet :slight_smile:

  • OS-099c
  • KC-765c
  • YK-649b
  • QJ-149c
  • XD-354b
  • XG-452f
  • KI-401d
  • LG-093a
  • QJ-650c
  • UV-351d
  • KI-840c
  • KW-602c
  • QQ-001a
  • ZV-759d
  • KI-439b
  • KI-446b
  • XG-751b
  • JS-753c
  • CB-282d

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Looks like KI-446b has gotten the green light for a new name! Please comment below what name you would like to see the planet receive. We will have another poll with all the names suggested!


Can anyone suggest a name for this planet? Or will it be for people who have a supporter package?

anyone, as it is a community vote

Given that it’s right next to Australia, but is actually fertile and a pleasant place to live, how about New Zealand? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Seeing as it starts with KI, my suggestion is Adi-Mundi.

It’s a fertility planet closest to Antares, with Hermes just around the corner, so keeping with the greek gods motif of that Area:

  • Aphaea (obscure Greek fertility goddess, fitting for a fertility planet in the middle of nowhere)
  • Artemis (goddess of the hunt, and, more importantly, the wilderness)
  • Demeter (goddess of the harvest)
  • Dionysos (god of wine and grapes)
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I really like Aphaea. The others (Artemis/Demeter/Dionysos) seem a bit unsubtle.

Personally, from my list of suggestions, I would probably prefer Demeter, as I feel like this could be a major step towards solving the RAT issues Antares seems to have. But yes, subtlety isn’t the strong suit of any of those suggestions other than Aphaea, which, for the stated reasons, I quite like as well.

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Although pantheon names are enjoyable, I’ll suggest a name slanted toward the practical side.

Silo (KI-446b)

After a reset, a planet’s stats/yields are not guaranteed. Naming KI-446b Silo pays homage to what it currently does while still making sense after a reset.