Community Awards September, 2021 - Nominations

Welcome to the PrUn Community Awards September, 2021 nomination period!

Here are the awards for this month:

Community Contribution (September, 2021)

Who should be recognised for their contribution to our community?

Type: People’s Choice


Positive Culture (September, 2021)

Some people make things better just by being present.

Type: People’s Choice


  • 200 DW (FIOC)
  • 200 RAT (FIOC)
  • 1000 SF (FIOC)

Galactic Development (September, 2021)

Has there been a galactic first? Has a large project succeeded?

Type: Coordinator’s Choice


Player of the Month (September, 2021)

Has someone done something noteworthy or notorious this month? Who has had the most impact on the game?

Type: People’s Choice


Excellence in Governorship (ASeptembergust, 2021)

Sometimes government can be a good thing. Which governor is setting the standard this month?

Type: People’s Choice


The Toolies (September, 2021)

Saganaki always wins. This is awarded to whoever comes second.

Type: Developer’s Choice


Important Information

About the PrUn Community Awards

The PrUn Community Awards occur on a monthly basis. They are designed to allow the community to recognise those players who have made a significant impact, positive or negative, on the game or community.

The awards are coordinated by the following players:

  • Prdgi

Duration of the Nomination and Voting periods.

The nomination period shall run for the duration of the calendar month. Expect variance of up to 1 day due to time zones.

The voting period shall run for 7 days from creation of the polls.

Nomination process

Nominations must occur in this thread to be considered valid.

Nominations must contain the following details:

  • The name of the player being nominated
  • The award/s for which the player is being nominated
  • The reason for nomination, including details.

Polls will link back to the nomination so that voters can make informed decisions. It is important that you ‘sell’ the nominee as worthy of the prize.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Unless specified by an award, players may not nominate themselves for any award.
  • Generic nominations ( ‘I nominate them for all the awards…’) will not be accepted.
  • Nominations for any awards coordinators for any award will not be accepted.

Prize Sponsorship

Players may pledge funds or materials towards any existing award by contacting a member of the coordinating team.

Players may establish additional awards by contacting a member of the coordinating team. Those wishing to establish an award should be willing to provide financial or material sponsorship for the award.

Prize Types

Prizes may consist of any combination of

  • Financial
  • Material
  • Reputation

Prize Claiming

In order to claim financial or material prizes, the winner must be able to utilize the Local Market mechanic. This means that a player must have a PRO license in order to claim a financial or material prize.

Current Nominations:

Community Contribution (September, 2021)

Positive Culture (September, 2021)

Galactic Development (September, 2021)

Player of the Month (September, 2021)

Excellence in Governorship (September, 2021)

The Toolies (September, 2021)

I nominate Zizzleswomp for the Positive Culture award. This month I have often seen him in the player chat, helping newbies and being friendly. He’s exactly the kind of player we want around here.


I would like to nominate a couple of players:

Galactic Development

ManOfTheSea and Lovehungusall have both produced AMLs and are purchasing BER from myself and another player (whose name I don’t remember, I apologize) which has lead to the availability of BE. Soon, we will be able to buy / produce TSH to settle hot planets (which I fully intend to do). This brings us one step closer to FTL travel.

I would nominate myself for harvesting BER to sell to this fantastic duo, but I think that’s against the rules.

Excellence in Governorship

Rubicate gets the big nomination from me. While I personally disagree with the resistance to using tax funds for higher tier workers, I understand Rubicate’s position and they have been receptive to feedback from the community on Montem which has lead to us trying out a Wildlife park. We may not have Vallis’s sophisticated planetary auction system… but we simple Montemites get by… and we even have Cows coming soon!

Positive Culture

Dragonican has been particularly active along with Zizzleswomp in Global Chat helping out new players. These two should be acknowledged in some way.

Community Contribution

I forget the player’s name, but someone has recently taken over an old PRUN news site that seems to be competing with the Turnip. Any journalist who is more competent than I am can fetch the name to great effect. Whoever this mystery writer is, I nominate them.

Player of the Month

I have to nominate TwilightSentinel. This player has been working very hard to produce logistics networks to help get gas giant cargos where they need to go, assisting with fuel price insulation, and is all-around an awesome player to work with.

The Toolies

Jacuribu’s PRUNer tool is pretty good. I nominate that dude.

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I’m going to roll this thread over to be the September Nominations thread.

No nominations were received during the August nomination period. The nomination of Zizzleswomp for Positive Culture award by Ficks_Dinkum occured in September my time. Though I’m sure it was still August somewhere, I’m going to err towards putting it in the September period.

No objections from me. August evaporated so quickly!