Bugs and Improvements

Hi suddenly for one day to the next day my consumables consumption rate has been doubled spontaneously:
I hAve, 200 workers, the day before they consumed 1 COF 1 OVE 8DW and 8 RAT, today they consume double (2 COF 2 OVE 16 DW and 16) , is that normal or i should restart the game ( impossible to make good profits at that rate)

Most likely explanation is that the POPR tick happened today, so consumables got taken twice. But that doesn’t mean that twice as much was used - the second time it would have recalculated the amounts needed and topped up where necessary. You can look at it like - tomorrow it will take that much less of the consumables, so in the long run you still only spend 4 units per 100 workers per day.

Given that CX LMs only support shipping, could you hide the filter buttons from those? They take away some precious vertical space :slight_smile:


Speaking of saving space, now that you display item tickers on the LM, it would be a neat to save horizontal space by being able to toggle between Name + Ticker, Name or just the Ticker. I don’t think most people will need both and I personally would prefer just the Ticker for better readability.


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Area usage on BS buffer showed incorrectly. I have full base on Ementior

Strange chart scaling, 2k volume is almost not visible:

BBL: When scrolling through my building list in search for buildings that need repair, having two rows with numbers right next to each other is super irritating and makes it harder to quickly scan through – speaking of the Established & Last Repair rows here.


It might be better if both numbers could be in the same row, like this:
Last Repair (built) | 38 minutes ago (44 days ago)

Whenever I build a new building it messes up the UI for production queues on other planets. They immediately transition to “Production location not found.”

Visible on this screen should be production queues for Umbra, Katoa, Etherwind and Proxion but when I built a POL on Umbra the queues for the other 3 planets got broken. This bug is fixable by reloading the APEX console, but it’s still annoying and not very user friendly.

Possibly related:


I ‘added’ a permit to my Verdant base, which caused the Vallis based to disappear from BS, as well as the same ‘production location not found’ as Visinvictus, leaving only Verdant on; i removed the permit again, and now my Vallis base is once again showing but with only a tiny amount of area used.

Reloading apex does restore to the correct amounts display, I just wish i had mats to test if i can build in the ‘freed’ area now :eyes: (bug testing is about doing potentially game breaking stuff right? Right?!)

Odd bug with recent release. While zoomed in at 110% on browser, the pop report graph only uses up half of the space for it. On previous versions it worked fine.


The release notes for the recent maintenance patch say:

However, my base on Hortus-d (VH-331d) just had its workforce drop to 0, after being at 200 last week when I settled it. The population report shows 0 workforce available. So either that bug isn’t fixed after all, or there are two bugs to do with population being at 0 on newly settled planets.

(I think there had been a base on there before? So it’s not newly settled in absolute terms, but there was nobody there any more when I landed.)

Small & easy QoL: Add CXOS and LMOS buttons to the sidebar - there is enough space.

Also I would really like my money(s) to be listed in the top bar, e.g. left of LIC …) - having SDBR open takes a lot of space and adding FINLA usually doesn’t fit that good into the layout / also takes a lot of space because of the window header. Hopefully you are always investing your money so you always need to know how much you have left to spend.

Not sure how it would be implemented/UI design, but a nice feature would be to be able to manage the left bar’s buttons in a way to add custom commands that when clicked will open exactly that command in a new window/bring to front an existing one. This would make the first request in this post obsolete as every user could do it themselves. I do have some commands that I’m often interested in while having a certain screen open and there is too many of them, so they would all fit into that screen. But usually going through 3-4 additional windows at a time (not always the same). Also using an additional screen would be very slow for me at least - switching screens takes multiple seconds except for my trivial 3 buffer screen and I wouldn’t have access to the main screen I’m interested.

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Also could the FIN transaction log please contain a bit more information:

  • Production fee: add planet and material(s)
  • CX messages: add the ticker
  • LM message: add the material and probably LM planet

Multiple times already, I deleted the wrong CX order with no clue what I just deleted and this would give me a way to look up what it was. And in general the transaction log would be a bit more informative and nicer to look at.

Kind of a bug :wink: I changed my email address at https://prosperousuniverse.com/account/email/ but the forum’s email is still the old one - I would have assumed they are linked. Not a real issue for me as the old one is still available and I would have updated it but it seems I can’t: “Email can be updated from authentication provider.” is shown on the forum’s preferences account page.
If it can not be handled automatically, there should be a note somewhere (or if there is, I didn’t notice it).

@aeryen Can you please logout and login from the forums using the new email and let me know if it works?

I did not have to enter login details, but now it shows the updated email :slight_smile:

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There are two different issues we are talking about:

  1. There was a bug that kept the population at zero, even if there has been population on that planet before and it is now settled again. It was a technical issue and should be fixed.

  2. We added a change that removes populations and resets the explorer’s grace for example once a planet looses its last base. This is to mitigate a situation from the early universe where players settled distant planets to get the first few resources of a type to bootstrap the building economy and then left the planet again. These planet’s should have the explorer’s grace bonus again, if they get settled again.

So, given that VH-331d has not player base at the moment I assume you demolished your base there and the change I just described reset the population.

Just found the underlying issue for this behavior. Will deploy it with the next server restart. Please note: as you said, it is only a display issue, no bases/data is lost.


I really like being able to reorder the production queue, but I find that the arrow buttons and cancel buttons are very close together on the UI making it dangerous to click.


I would suggest moving the arrows over the other side of the UI, either to the left or right of the resource icon (i.e. PE, PWO, etc.) The arrows can be smaller, perhaps 16x16 pixels, looking something like this:


These are just crudely pasted in by me with no re-alignment of the UI to accommodate them, so please forgive my terrible photoshop skills.


What I want: First, the option to set a fixed amount of fuel to use for a given ship’s transit, from which the transit time is derived; second, the option to specify a fixed amount of time to spend in transit, from which the fuel burn amount is derived.

Why I want it: Full fuel tanks make it very difficult to set times accurately, and dumping part of your ship’s fuel into another storage is not always possible or practical.


Run into a weird bug; I have two bases, one at Promitor and one at Montem. I noticed the following bug when I built a building at Montem:

The base at Promitor disappears from the list at the BS command and the base’s production from the PROD command disappears as well giving me a red error screen. Reloading the interface brings everything back to normal. I haven’t noticed any missing inventory or a reset of production timers.

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