YouTube Channel - Please subscribe!

I know, I know…I’m supposed to be on vacation. But I got bored and before doing nothing at all, I prefer doing some easy work for PU :slight_smile:

So I’m preparing an update for our website and in the process I also started setting up our (future) YouTube channel. It obviously doesn’t have any content yet (coming soon!), but I would still like to ask everyone to please subscribe here:

The reason being that several YouTube features are only available once a channel has reached a certain amount of subscribers, including for example a custom URL instead of the cryptic string you see above!

So head over there and subscribe…thanks a lot! :smiley:

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Ah, almost forgot: Custom URLs require 100 subscribers…so spread the word :slight_smile:

Just a quick reminder that we’re still trying to hit 100 subs on YouTube!

If you haven’t done so yet, please help us out and subscribe. The channel can be found here:

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Do you know how often the channel will post videos?

Originally my idea was to do at least one per month…now I think it’ll just be a new video whenever something “noteworthy” happens. But I already got an item on my to-do list for this or next week to prepare a new one…no promises though. Our top priority at the moment is to get the second alpha test ready.

We have a new video out. It’s basically me talking about the game and why we’re making it they way we do. Should have written a script, because I forgot half of the important bits. But oh well…content for another video :smiley:


i was the 100th subscriber :smiley:

what a coincidence… u can check … andremacrossbr

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Thanks a lot!

Now we finally have our final channel URL: :wink: