What does "current" mean for population infrastructure?

I built my second base on sparsely populated planet with very little population infrastructure. Seeing how their “health” satisfaction was low, I built an infirmary, and stocked it with consumables. However that didn’t budge the health value at all. And the infirmary shows up as “built 1” but “current 0”.

Can anyone explain to me what “current” means, and how I get that infirmary to increase health of the population?


I have the same question.

Taking Umbra as an example here:

Current is the current level used of that infrastructure. If a infrastructure was just built it is not used in the current period, but will be in the next. In LR a governor can set the target level (0 up to built) of an infrastructure. Setting this to a lower value than built makes only sense on planets where the population is declining and the maximum infrastructure level is not required, due to the higher upkeep costs.