Volume bug? Hydrogen + consumables only in inventory

There seems to be a volume bug? By my estimate I should be using up under 290 M3 of space. My hydrogen extractors are halted and I can’t fulfill contracts to players. This is not good.

Do you have any materials provisioned for LM contracts that have not been picked up yet? Even though they are not visible they take up space

Yes I do. That must be what’s going on.

How do I know how much H hasn’t been picked up?

At the moment the only way to know is to keep track of your LM contracts. If the pickup condition has been fulfilled the blocked volume/weight is cleared.

BTW, we are currently in the specification phase of a new feature that will show exactly that information!


I cannot find a Hydrogen extractor, is it called something else? where do I look? I need to make/extract Hydrogen
Thanks for any help.

Hydrogen is being collected with a Collector, see the BUI COL command.

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I have a Collector, it only does AMM and O

You will need to find a planet that has hydrogen as a resource