Unable to create account

Unable to create an account to play the game. These are the only two errors that show up with every planet available in selection;thereby, prohibiting me from creating a company.
The selected planetary system has a commodity exchange. Starting in a system with a commodity exchange is generally considered easier.

The chosen planet has no free plots to build a new base. Consider starting somewhere else.

The planet you chose has no free plots left. Meaning you can’t settle there. The best option might be to type COLIQ into a new buffer and restart. You haven’t built anything so there’s nothing to lose. The planets: Promitor, Montem, Vallis, Katoa, Phobos, are all full, so if you picked one of those, that’s the reason.

I just had a quick look and it seems like there are plenty of planets in the selection that have plots left. Can you provide more details?

I’m unable to select or search for any others. It’s just a box with a ticker that goes through the default planets.

Hm, I’m afraid I don’t understand the problem. There’s a given set of planets that are marked as “starting planet” and you can pick any one of those. Freely selecting a starting location isn’t possible (at this time).