UI Suggestion

I think it’d be a nice QoL improvement if instead of sliders we were able to actually input amounts, for example on the STL and Reactor usage when planning flights. Perhaps you could also add an up and down arrow to incrementally add and subtract amounts as a midpoint between the slider we have now and ability to enter the amount yourself. I just find it incredibly frustrating to try to move the slider an increment at a time to get it where I want.

Additionally instead of dragging and dropping items in inventory, maybe there can be a transfer field where you select which inventory you want it to go to and input the amount that way. The current system having to move 1, 10, 100, Half, or All is a bit tedious. I hear inventory moving is the only thing that is a real issue on mobile, so maybe this could solve that too.

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This has been suggested several times lately, I will talk to the team on how we could solve that issue

We are currently developing a mobile version of APEX. It has a new kind of inventory transfer control command which allows to transfer an arbitrary amount of a material and even multiple materials at once. I am pretty confident that it will make its way into the regular APEX client as well.


Glad to hear, apologies for the repeat suggestion. I did a preliminary search on the forums but didn’s see a topic.

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This will be huge, thanks.