Too easy to mispost ads on Mobile

So I’m gonna rant. The mobile interface makes it FAR FAR too easy to list and item as sell instead of buy, without a way to check before you press the POST button. On a mobile phone, there’s literally only a few inches of screen to look at between the massive dead space up top and the keyboard. AND the game doesn’t allow private deals. I was listing some items for someone in my corp to swap, and I listed them as “sell” accidentally… And someone picked them up. I don’t have the items and I can’t afford them, so I’ll have to renege on the contracts, all 5 of them. There’s not even a way to back out of contracts by giving the other party their money back.

So a simple interface mistake has a lasting impact on my company’s rep.

Not gonna lie, really disappointing.

Would it help if the button said “post sell ad”, “post buy ad”, “post shipping ad” instead of just post?

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Definitely! It would help very much confirm which button I’d pressed at the top.


Wanted to follow up on this - the new mobile interface improvements are great, and I really like that the button now confirms what I’m doing. It’s already saved me a few times!

Thanks for the improvements.