The possible use of Aliens

So I think it would be cool if aliens visited and it was like a temporary exchange opened up somewhere in the universe. it would attract a bunch of people there. So its like a big space ship and it could go far out or it could stay in the bubble. wouldnt be a lm or cxl. its own new thing. So they show up and maybe stay a certain time period. Then come back again next month or something at a random tine.

Then they could sell stuff I guess you know? I dont think they should sell any in game commodities then maybe it could be considered that the game is less player driven. You could control a part of the economy by doing that.

But maybe have like alien construction prefabs or alien ship engines. Stuff unique and cool. Alien water that increases production but is poisonous and kills your settlers after 20 days lol. I dont know. i dont know how top heavy the game is, but if it is top heavy than maybe have all the positives have their equal negatives. when deciding the effects of alien stuff.

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