Suggestions on the maintenance of planetary infrastructure

My suggestions are as follows:

  1. Infrastructure maintenance costs increase exponentially rather than linearly,so that the per capita infrastructure maintenance cost of large planets is higher than that of small planets. At the same time, the faction will extract a certain proportion from the planet tax in the faction space.
  2. Set up an open and separate page for the fiscal revenue and expenditure of each planet to facilitate the governor’s accounting,Not just the tax rate. Everyone can see the balance of payments of the planet.
  3. Design a fiscal pool of planet, which the governor can’t use directly. The governor only needs to set the standards for infrastructure maintenance, and the corresponding requirements can be automatically generated, and then players can freely bid for maintenance products. The final fiscal expenditure is generated according to the final transaction price. If the funds in the fiscal pool can’t pay for the maintenance items according to the priority made by governor, the corresponding maintenance items will not be purchased and used. While the donation option remains open
  4. The governor can improve the happiness of the population through the Planet program which consumes a lot of MM products such as EDC.
  5. Cancel the restriction on the number of bases on the planet. Adjust the novice’s starting planet dynamically according to the game progress.
  6. Allow players to directly trade factories and even bases.
    In this way, the following goals can be achieved:
    (1) Through the dynamic change of planet maintenance cost, the investment decision of players will be influenced. Encourage players to develop external planets through tax rates, instead of concentrating a lot on the initial planet. Due to the high cost of infrastructure maintenance, the planet with a large population is more suitable for some high-level industries in the later period because of its population quality advantage, while the low-level industries with low profits are forced to move to the planet with fewer people.
    (2) Recover more MM products and cash from players through infrastructure maintenance costs and policies of Planet Program and consumables.
    (3) Because of the drastic change in cost, building a planet with a large population and high quality will become the ultimate goal of a game.
    (4) Players can dynamically dispose of their factories and even bases at low cost with the progress of the universe, thus adjusting their planet and industry. Also won’t be unable to enter some planets because of the limitation of planet quota.
    (5) Increase the openness and transparency of tax collection and use, and improve their use efficiency through bidding. At the same time reduce the workload of the governor.
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