Suggestions and Ideas

Especially with the 0.01-prices: if they introduce a price-range, they can also have possible (minimum) incrementals of that base-value. That could even distinguish between players (as planned with the possible price-range) and say have a minimum of 1%, 2%, 5% change to the last price, else you have to match the existing price. Maybe that could even be different for sale and buy-orders: buy-orders have to distinguish by 5%, sell-orders by 1%?

And the minimum time: i agree, maybe just have a timer for deposit (you can withdraw) or have a “fee” if you withdraw within a certain timeframe…

I’d like to second the suggestion above for general sorting/filtering of all tabular data. Especially in the market, I was surprised to not be able to do things like sort by demand or price.

I’d also love to see a way to share screen layouts, maybe via something like Factorio’s “blueprint strings”.


I see some potential in this game in efficiency of productions.

#1. There could be a better scaleability. Larger order should be slighltly more efficient.
#2. Same is for more than one building of the same time when producing the same.
#3. There could be upgrades for buildings with items that already exist (e.g. electronic components)

Of course balancing this is essential. As space is rare, #1 and #2 should allow new players to come into business by setting up broader production as older companies would close them to safe space when expanding in supply chains.


Alright, here’s an idea that I also wanted that old game Neptune’s Pride to do: Let me schedule future actions, as much and as far out in the future as possible, in as many contexts as possible. That way I don’t always have this anxiety about logging in as soon as possible after a countdown so I can start the next action.

Little thing: Put pioneer habitation at the top of the top of the base > construction > infrastructure list. We lose some people at the door because they can’t figure out what to build first.


It kinda is already. Pioneer/Settler habitation is the first building on the list. I know most packages use Pioneers only at beginning, but Fuel Engineer needs Settlers.

Sounds good but… Fuel Engineer package is short LTA and LSE for P/S Barracks. So all the packages have to start with the Pioneer Habitation, waaay down the list.

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Don’t know if this has been discussed before, but have there been any ideas about waste products produced by companies? In the real world there is a large industry for waste management, and say, for example if your total population were to produce X amount of general waste per member then it would open possibilities for disposal systems. These could be recycling plants to make plastics and metals like AL, or using the incinerators to burn off waste to create C and other basic materials. Obviously more advanced systems could be used requiring settlers and technicians.

Also, a build-up of waste at your company could harm efficiency, as who wants to work next to a pile of trash?


When adding Energy to the game ecological cycles could be a fine enhancement.

Right now we produce Carbon out of Water, light and time. But there could be also Carbondioxid in the atmosphere of planets which is “refilled” by some of the production plants and by energy plants… Waste from production and consumption incl. dirty water could be also a good cycle… and energy or light can also be used to produce pre-chems such as Syngas from solar plants out of gases such as Carbondioxid in the atmosphere.

Basically the idea is that players also create resources of planets.


Not sure if it’s already mentioned, but I would really like a confirmation dialog when deleting screens.
This is (I think) not a frequently used button, so wouldn’t annoy people much, but helps a lot to prevent accidental deletion by mis-clicks.
I’ve managed to do this when checking apex with my mobile, and it wasn’t much fun.

Once you delete a screen, an “undo delete” button appears at the end of the list which does what it says :slight_smile:

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Right, I completely missed that. I’ll look for it next time :slight_smile:

A closed cycle for carbon and maybe also for other resources. The smelter, the incinerator and also workers would produce CO2. (Workers would need O2 in addition to rations.) The (hydroponic) farm needs the CO2 to produce plants and O2. Since some of the carbon would get trapped in cotton or plastic, some planets could have CO2 in the atmosphere or C in the ground, that enters the cycle.

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While technically correct for a lot of things (take water for example…you would recycle close to 100% of water so you wouldn’t have to provide fresh water all the time), closed cycles make balancing a nightmare and would eliminate even more material sinks from the game. So I doubt we’ll implement them anytime soon.

A way to filter / sort CXOS (my exchange orders) because my long term buy/sell orders get berried with all my completed orders.

If not, would be good if outstanding orders and past orders were separate buffers.

Or finally, if placed orders were ordered first.


Auto-complete behavior for commands like BS , POP and FLT , MAT, CXOB, etc would be really nice. I find that the command system works well if you have something to copy but getting to the buffers about those things is normally easier using the UI.


That is definitely on the list of things to come at some point :slight_smile:


Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but - storage space rental.

I can of course just build a base, but it feels kinda wasteful for me to take up an entire plot of land on a main hub planet, which someone could put to productive use, just so I have somewhere to keep goods for sale. Especially that I don’t need all 5000m^3.

Players with unused capacity could supplement their revenue this way, and/or someone could take just a single plot and turn it into one huge warehouse, which could then service a large number of people.


It would be great if the “A trade took place for your commodity” and “Commodity order filled” notifications would specify which commodity. This is a high-traffic piece of the interface; a small improvement would go a long way. :smiley: As is, to learn whether the notification is relevant to what I’m working on, I have to click on it, thus marking it as read.

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Some other things I remembered.

  1. Typing the amount of materials contributed to COGCs - when you have a larger stockpile, it’s very hard to get round numbers with the sliders. It’s fine for DW, RAT and even MCG, but what the heck do I do with 7 PE afterwards?

  2. Company names in LM ads - in busier LMs it gets harder to find the ad from the person you wanted to deal with.

  3. Contract list sorting, or at least filtering out fulfilled contracts.