Suggestion: Reminder for new players to pick up their goods from Pending Contracts

Hi! I’m one of the new players attracted by Kyle’s YouTube sponsor ad. Initially I didn’t know how the CX works and I had a hard time figuring out where to find the goods I just bought from the CX. I almost gave up (glad that I didn’t) before some friendly players help me out in Discord.

I didn’t know what a contract is back then, and I didn’t even know how to open the side bar (in which the Pending Contracts information is included). And since new players usually don’t know that bought goods will be stored through contracts in the absence of ship near the CX, I suggest to add a newbie-friendly reminder for new players notifying them to open the side bar after buying from CX without a berthed ship.

Just replying to say yeah this would be really good. Number of times I have seen this exact question answered in global chat is insane.
Edit: I also asked how this worked when I started.

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Damn that Kyle, also got me into this.

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